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The Keepsies - Dumb Fun EP

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Side 1
Dumb Fun
Get Back

Side 2

Klark Kent (Stewart Copeland band) songs were mostly geeky and spastic, but always loads of fun. The Keepsies who hail from Brooklyn and are close relations to both Fergus and Geronimo and Parquet Courts, channel that same kind of energy in their three song EP. “I just wanna be dumb and have some fun.” Indeed!
-Left of the Finest Kiss

It’s some of the best straight-up pop/rock I’ve heard in a loooong time, inspired by classic 60′s and 70′s sounds and nailing it wholeheartedly. The title track will totally get you going, and you’ll swoon by the end of the closer “Saturday”.
-Jonathan Schenke (Sound Engineer)

The Keepsies are a trio from Brooklyn, NY. Combining elements of 60’s surf-rock, 50’s doo wop, and the best qualities of the more modern catchy and upbeat indie-pop. However, The Keepsies are not just a band stuck in the past. They definitely prove themselves to be a band capable of capturing your heart with “Get Back” ‘s short, but memorable appeal. The thing I love about The Keepsies, and their debut EP, is that they manage to stray from cliche’s, while still keeping it simple.
-Sweet Nothings

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