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Andy Human - FREEZE LP (Vinyl $12 / CD $5)

Image of Andy Human - FREEZE LP (Vinyl $12 / CD $5)


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CWR Records presents its debut release from Andy Human, last of the unbelievers...he returns with a collection of glamfully punk songs called FREEZE. If you like music by weirdos who record in their room all day, this might be for you.

Release Date: 10/1/12

Download Land Of The Dinosaurs

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Side 1
1. Land Of The Dinosaurs
2. Penumbra
3. The One
4. Fall
5. Warrior Call

Side 2
1. Something Rotten
2. Break Your Face
3. A Massacre Of Common Sense
4. Sandman
5. Carpe Diem

I feel like my description might be wrong, but disco balls and gutter punks is all Andy Human makes me think of.
-The Daily Choice

'All of the anarchy, uncertainty, and breakup aftertaste is stuck in-between jangling, up-beat, high energy punk, with a shimmering glam gloss that’s almost euphoric at times. It’s punk in the pop- ish style of The Ramones, sounding like a throwback to a time Human seems to better understand, with more substance between the sugared hooks.'
-Impose Magazine

'Its full of jagged riffs, synth splatter and even the occasional 60's organ whorl all anchored by Jordan's vocal swagger cut through a hi-fi junk food filter. Its a child of the 80's album in the best regards digesting Devo and Gary Numan through a faded VHS glam punk hangover and knocking the results crisply out of stacked speakers. Chewed vinyl punk in cheap plastic sunglasses, hi-tops and a litter of band pins - in other words a pretty fun couple of sides.'
-Raven Sings The Blues

Formerly of the Cuts and Time Flys, he makes records under the Lenz moniker and Andy Human these days. The Lenz EP that came out Tic Tac Totally earlier this year is pretty vital and his second Andy Human album just released on Chromewaves Radio records I am going to go ahead and classify as vital as well. This is Andy Human album number two. Last year’s Red Plastic album on Burger was only a primer. That album sounded like homemade synth laden demos. I think Jordan was kind of feeling his way around and formulating his Andy Human persona. That persona has now reached maturity, or at least punky adolescence.
-The Finest Kiss

Andy Human is a spastic mix of Jonathan Richman, the golden age of sequined glam, with just a hint of rough around the edges early 80s punk for good measure. At times, Human doesn’t shy from an almost disco feel, the fractured light of a crystalline ball spinning overhead, not that far off. Yet, Human always injects each track with a blast of gritty guitar, or a background of squealing guitar, dragging the songs from the dance floor and in to the darkened, piss-smelling corridor behind the venue. Human pulls off a good trick here, making seemingly happy-go-lucky music that just barely covers a grimy core or something darker, something with a little more grit.

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